How does a home care agency be the best for Seniors?  That is the question I ask myself today.  As one of the Owners and an active leader in daily operations at Silver Care, I take time to ask myself each day, “What can Silver Care do to help our seniors that we serve today?” As I surfed the internet I came across another blog that listed the (6) best qualities of a In Home Care Service.  This is what was listed…

  1.  A skilled Team
  2. Caters to Special Needs
  3. Experience
  4. Commitment and Dedication
  5. A Strong Reputation
  6. Adapts to the Changing Needs of a Senior

As I read each one I contemplated if Silver Care is reaching the target on all those areas!  The results that I came up with is “YES”, Silver Care is making great strides in providing the best caregivers to provide care for our partners.  This in itself creates a skill team. Do we miss the mark sometimes? Of course we do, but our goal is to keep going until we get it RIGHT! Silver Care was birthed from life experiences and each day has its challenges but also great rewards serving others in need!